Interact at Thomas Jefferson

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1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Find out how you can contribute to the world.

Interact Club at TJ.

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Interact was founded in 1962. It stands for International Action. Interact is a sponsored service club for people between the ages of 14-18. All Interact clubs have to do at least two service projects. One is suppose to serve the school or community, and the other that furthers international understanding. Interact helps develop leadership skills, teamwork, and also helps members grasp a hold of current affairs not only happening in their community, but events in the whole world.


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Each Interact club is sponsored by a Rotary club in their district. Thomas Jefferson’s Interact club is sponsored by the Denver Tech Center Rotary. The Rotarians form relationships with their Interact members and lend their enthusiastic support to all projects.

Our Club Advisor: Danny Showers

The Thomas Jefferson High School Interact club is a great inspiration to work with. As the Advisor for this Interact club I get to work with and see outstanding young adults going at full steam forward to provide dynamic help and assistance to those in need not just on an international level, but national and on the local community level. Each member has a heart of gold and a very clear focus of Rotary standards "Service before Self".
Alumni Relations

Maquaja Clayton | |
Maquaja Clayton will be in charge of keeping alumni in tune with upcoming events and accomplishments of upcoming Interact Clubs. For information, contact Maquaja at her email.

Interact is a highly prestigious organizations, and we make sure to recognize the hard work of our members. There are many awards and scholarships given to recognize the hard working members of our club.
Event : Senior Check Out
Seniors are checking out May 20. Many of our members are now transitioning into the real world. Several with scholarships and recognition, and experience.
Event : Alumni Info.
Alumni, make sure to stay in contact with interact. Maquaja Clayton is the new head of Alumni Relations.